Predicting user churn using its traffic with SparkML

Source: Udacity


While all platforms offering a service are on a rush to gain more and more users, some of them are losing the existing ones.

Nowadays, as it is very simple to open an account anywhere, in the same way there are just a few steps to cancel it and to forget about the platform.

Within a nanodegree program, Udacity has proposed a challenge to make the first step in the process — to predict the users that are more likely to give up on a service.

They created Sparkify, a music streaming…

A data based approach using a global dataset by Our World in Data

Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash


The vaccination campaigns started around three months ago already and with so many information in the media, it may be difficult to get the big picture.

A range of vaccines created with different cutting-edge technologies is being used all around the globe. But how many are there? And who is using which?

Immunization may be our rescue, it can reduce the opportunity for the virus to spread, but for this to happen the majority of people has to be vaccinated. So, where are we after three months…

Irina Hulea

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